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How to Ship Lithium-Ion Batteries Overseas-Shipment and Medical Purpose

How to Ship Lithium-Ion Batteries Overseas-Shipment and Medical Purpose

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When you are shipping your goods overseas, it is common that you will have some items with batteries to send。 This process undergoes some questions as there might be restrictions on shipping batteries abroad, especially by air due to their hazardous nature。

There are different rules and regulations of the air, as well as the ship to send lithium-ion battery shipments.?

Here you will get to know the correct guidelines that you should follow to ship your lithium-ion batteries by air or sea. It's all dependent on how you need to prepare and pack your batteries.?

Can you ship lithium-ion batteries or devices with batteries?

Yes, you can ship lithium batteries, but due to their dangerous nature, the shipment undergoes the guidelines. And the guidelines for the air as well as ship are as follows:

  • Any Lithium batteries must stay inside the gadget that they are utilized for。 They can't be dispatched independently, except if you have a different plan with your courier。?

  • In each bundle you send, a limit of 2 lithium batteries can be incorporated (or four lithium cells).?

  • As Lithium batteries are considered as risky merchandise because of their powerlessness to fire, all endeavors to prevent them from overheating is indispensable. Any gadget with batteries that you are shipping must be switched off, and, fundamentally, you guarantee that any on/off switches are shielded from unplanned initiation. This should be possible with the utilization of electrical tape or cardboard.?

  • Follow the IATA guidelines concerning bundling。 Never have your lithium batteries close to metal articles。 Be careful and place electrical tape on every electrical terminal; this assists with forestalling overheating。?

  • Continuously place your gadget inside a plastic sack. This forestalls any static obstruction and fills in as another layer of security against a flare-up of fire.?

  • Even though you can send lithium batteries by dispatch, you should not do as such if the battery is defective. This is wrongdoing and will be rebuffed in any event with a robust fine.


How do you safely pack and ship lithium-ion batteries?

Likewise, with anything that you decide to send utilizing dispatch, it is critical to ensure that your shipment securely endures its transportation。 To guard your bundle during transport, you should securely bundle the electrical item that houses your battery。?

With any electrical item that is fueled by a lithium battery, you should ensure that the thing is turned off during travel. This is to forestall the gadget overheating, which can make the battery overheat and detonate.?

Ensure that the gadget can't turn on anytime during the shipment。 After a package is gathered, it is moved to a terminal where it is arranged。 During this procedure, your parcel must be bundled such that it can withstand a drop or being thumped by different bundles and so forth。

Having a package that is bundled to this standard additionally guarantees that your electrical item will be secure during travel。 This, thus, implies your thing won't turn on。

Will you buy lithium-ion batteries for medical applications abroad?

Yes, lithium-ion batteries are used for many medical applications abroad. It is also used in medicine and biomedical studies and many applications of it such as:

  • Bone growth stimulator requiring low continuous current

5 % to 10 % of the about 6 million bone cracks that happen every year in the world show postponed or hindered recuperating。

  • 567彩票 Bone development triggers utilize high recurrence sonic compel waves to invigorate bone development and mending.

  • These gadgets are typically tied on over the crack site or fitted into a cast and radiate low-force, beat ultrasound。

This application uses a battery typically get made together of AA-size Li/SOCl2 cells to convey long haul consistent force. The battery's high vitality thickness reduces size and weight, which is a critical requirement since the patient wears the device.

  • Automatic external defibrillators (AEDs)

AEDs are versatile gadgets used to re-establish normal heartbeat to patients in heart failure, an unexpected and possibly deadly condition。?

The AED naturally dissects the patient's heart cadence and exhorts the rescuer concerning whether a stun is expected to re-establish a normal heartbeat.?

AEDs are frequently located in public places, for example, schools, eateries, air terminals, and places of business (free AEDs) where designed AC power may not be able to ensure the continuity of battery charging.

These remote areas additionally might be presented to excessive temperatures that could settle battery execution。?

Thus, these gadgets frequently depend on essential lithium batteries for long haul unwavering quality, empowering them to convey high current-beats considerably after broadened times of idleness.?

  • Hand-held drill that requires high current-pulses

The manufacturer of a single-use hand-held bone saw recently planned the gadget utilizing a tied on battery pack comprising of 8 Li/MnO2 cells, which was then wire tackled deep down observed and disposed of after one use.?

567彩票 The best solution that came out after research was that, the gadget was upgraded using 3 TLM high-vitality lithium batteries situated inside the saw's handle, along these lines disposing of the requirement for the wire saddle and the outside battery pack, allowing more remarkable versatility for the specialist.?

TLM high-vitality batteries were picked for this high rate application since they can convey high current-pulses of up to 15 Amps.

  • Sterilizable RFID's-

Lithium batteries have the dynamic potential for use portable and hand-held clinical gadgets, just as in progressively outlandish applications.

  • For example, spider-like robotic capsules that are gulped and crawled through the gastrointestinal tract to perform surgeries. Also, another age of clinical gadgets is developing that join telematics, GPS, and RFID following abilities.

These gadgets can be combined with pulse, temperature, and other propelled sensors that empower medicinal services suppliers to screen a patient's vital signs and exact whereabouts in emergency clinics, nursing homes, helped living quarters, or remote areas through satellite。


Having enough knowledge of packaging and shipping guidelines of the lithium-ion batteries will help you to ship the lithium-ion batteries in a large consignment through the air as well as a ship without any issues.

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