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Greenway was founded in 2010. From the start, Greenway has designed and manufactured nothing but battery packs, and that is still our sole focus today.


Greenway has competed in just about every industry that uses portable devices. For instance, in the e-bike industry, with its exceptionally high quality standards, Greenway has become the dominant player.


In 2016, Guangdong K-Tech energy technology co., ltd became a wholly owned subsidiary of Greenway’s, which mainly provides various advanced lithium battery cells. Now, we have 2 professional assembly factories and 1 cylindrical battery factory, covered with almost 500,000sq.ft, and around 1600 employees。



As of the end of 2017, Greenway and its subsidiaries owned and declared more than 240 patents, including 24 invention patents. Greenway Technology Co。, Ltd, Greenway New Energy Co., Ltd and K-tech New Energy Co., Ltd are all “national high-tech enterprises”. And they are ISO-9001, ISO14001 ,OHSAS 18001 certified facility too。


Greenway Manufacturing has extensive experience with every facet of the design and manufacturing process of batteries。 We make and do nearly everything in-house, including our own SMT — and we’ve been doing it for ten years, puts Greenway at the forefront of battery manufacturing.


From the early stages of product design through delivery, Greenway has the experience and resources to help design engineers ensure a smooth design process and project management meet delivery schedules. 5 Million US dollar product insurance and European Office in Belgium provide you efficient after-sale service.



Here are some general categories of markets we are in。


→ E-bike battery

→ E-scooter battery

→ E-motorcycle battery

→ Car jump Starter

→ Portable power station

→ Laptop battery

→ Power bank

→ Power tool battery

→ Portable Medical battery

→ Customized batteries

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